Don't give me just general ideas like "terrain" or "buildings"
Give me detailed ideas like what kind of terrain do you want to see, what type of buildings do you want to see.
Do you want the map big, medium, a bit smaller, do you want the spawn to be big or small, ground level, in the air, stuff like that.
Time stamps are in description. also here they are if you're lazy.

6:00 Why do you falseblacklist
1:50 when will the server have an item & stats reset?
2:21 Any updates on Factions?
2:29 Is soup and/or practice (the old one) going to return sometime soon?
3:25 Will k2 come back
4:12 It's about 1 month since apps opened back up. So when exactly does the season end?
4:27 Can you bring back the castle ?
5:27 can you fix the issues with white text on msgs that happen after ppl speak in the chat?
5:51 Will Skyblock have island top rewards in the next season? Are the current top islands going to get any prize in the end of the season?
6:25 Is there any plans of bringing other gamemodes to Invaded? (e.g Prison, HCF, etc.)
7:04 Closing remarks

Gonna make an unlisted vid answering some of your questions.

Ask away. upvote questions you like so it has a higher chance of being answered.

Will make/post the vid this Sunday on the forums.
Updates on the server:


First off before we get to the other things I would just like to mention that OITC has been released! A lot of you would have realized this by now as it is in our MOTD, however I wanted to take this time to ask you all a question. What would you like to see in OITC? Are there any updates, changes, or features you would like to see? This feedback would be GREATLY appreciated, along with all of your potential glitch and bug reports so we can fix those ASAP!


The only update we could add for now was voting for skyblock for a vote key.
It’s come to our attention that we will not be able to get Skyblock reset and open in a reasonable amount of time without rushing to meet a deadline thus forcing us to cut corners and not be fully ready. Other projects have taken priority and we have been so focused on other things we haven’t had that much time to work on Skyblock. Due to this we have decided that it would be best to open Skyblock as it was. No updates, no reset, just open it how it was when we closed it. This will make it so you guys can still play and have fun on Skyblock, but it also gives us the time that we need. We will be able to work on the Skyblock update without rushing to meet a deadline. This means the update should be better and less buggy compared to if we had rushed the release, overall we just feel like this is in the best interest of both the staff team and the players. We hope you understand!

KitPvP Update List:

  • Changed to Halloween map
  • Skeppy keys released
  • October keys released
  • LMS event added (ability to host it can be won in the October crate)
  • ROD event added (ability to host it can be won in the October crate)
Essentially mod applications will be staying the exact same. You still apply the same way, need to meet the same requirements, have a verbal interview, and a 2 week trial stage.

The main thing that is changing is we're adding in seasons for staff applications. Basically what a season is, is the mod applications will be opened and you can all apply for mod. Intermittently throughout the season some staff applications will be denied, however no staff application will be accepted until the end of each season. And at the end of each season every single staff application will be read and either accepted or denied.

One of the things that is changing is before if you were denied you had to wait 2 weeks to reapply, now you simply must wast until the next season starts.


Why?: The main reason we want to do this is because it ensures that every single staff application will be read and responded to in a reasonable amount of time. Meaning that no staff application will left sitting there for months on end.

How long is each season: Each season will last approximately 1 month. (this time is not set in stone, it could change)

What happens after a season ends?:
After the season ends I will read over each staff application and deny each one that is deemed not ready for staff. Then who is left (if anyone) is yet to be accepted or denied, everyone Admin and up will decide if said application should be accepted or denied.

How long in between each season?: There is no specific timeline we wish to follow It all depends on how many staff were accepted the previous season, the servers playerbase, and the need for new staff. Overall all of those factors determine the length between seasons. It could be 1-2 weeks or it could be 1-2 months.

Are you going to only hire a certain amount of people each season?: No, we will accept any and all applicants that we deem are worthy to be staff. It could be several, or it could be 0, it all depends on who applies.

Mod applications will be reopened on Friday and there will be a 1 weeks advanced notice before the season will end.
Sorry about the quality. Vegas would crash if I tried to render it at any higher quality.

Please note: Not everything stated in this video is not set in stone. Some things may change and we may decide to do things differently! This video is a general guideline of how we are likely to do things, however we could easily change our minds about a number of things in this video!

Time stamps (clickbable in video description):

0:00 Introduction
0:34 Give us your feedback!
1:16 Let us know what you think about the map
2:04 SoupPvP
3:41 KItPvP
4:42 Skyblock
5:42 Advertisement and voting
6:28 Factions
8:44 What I Personally think would be cool for invadedlands
11:34 Player question about factions and ftop prize
11:58 Will blacklists ever reset?
12:58 Will we ever add a practice server
14:41 Are you going to merge with any other servers?
16:56 will you ever do any more HUGE sales?
17:17 Will there ever be a forums reset/revamp?
17:39 Info about Mod applications
18:39 Will there ever be a clan wars/Tourney gamemode?
20:06 How I personally see InvadedLands in the next 6 months

So as many of you have already realized and gussed, yes, we have unmerged from MMC. I am going to do my best to explain this, however there are some things that I can not nor will talk about.

First off I just want to thank MMC for all that they have done for Invaded, I can say for 100% certain that we have benefited from MMC, and I feel strongly that they as well have benefited from us. A lot of the issues that we had with Invaded were fixed with the merge and some issues recently. The player count may have dropped some, however we have fixed a lot of things that we had problems with and were going to start to advertise more to bring back a lot of players. We honestly did enjoy the time with MMC. We felt it improved both networks staying connected and ultimately we didn't really want to unmerege.

However only within the past month or so has an issues has come to light, an issue with the staff team. However at this time previous staff have decided to come back to the server resuming their past role. Ultimately with this issue Invaded and MMC did not 100% see eye to eye and so, under good terms, we have decided that it would be best at this point to unmerge and each go on our own ways.

We wholeheartedly wish MMC the best and nothing but success in the future with their server and network.

Rest assured InvadedLands is not closing, we have a number of things planned and we do so hope you stay with us during this time! If everything goes to plan we should be up and running in no time. Once we are up the effect to you guys and your daily routine will be minimal.

More information coming soon!
Yes, that's right, it is finally time for the KitPvP reset! The actual reset date will be on September 1st.

What will be resetting?
For those unfamiliar with resets the following will be reset:
  • All stats (kills, deaths ...etc)
  • Inventories
  • Money
  • Enderchests
  • Playervaults
  • Player Warps
  • Word Creates

For those wondering why player warps are being removed

There was some confusion the past reset when all current warps were removed. The reason being is if we let them go in a years time there would be way more warps than necessary.
Plus we do intent on eventually creating a bit more of an automated system with warp creates, so we do need to clear out the current ones to make that easier.

What can be expected?

Ultimately we wanted to add in and fix a lot of the things that are currently on the server. There likely won't be too many brand new things added to KitPvP this reset, but instead mostly fix, remake, and improve on a lot of features that are already there as well as address a number of issues players had with the server.
Added an optional 2FA plugin
Added Envoys
Added Stattrak for Swords, Bows and Axes, use /stattrak (Available for Blizzard Ranks)
Added Banknotes
Added Vouchers

Changed Price of Pearls, now sells for $400 per stack / $14,440 per inventory or $800 per stack at Outpost.
Changed Price of Sugarcane, now sells for $448 per stack or $896 per stack at Outpost.
Fixed issues with outpost.

Made Overworld border flat sandstone terrain, starting at y50.
Updated Cannoning rules and regulations.

Fixed Stacking on Warzone
Fixed other Warzone issues
Changed Faction Top and how it gets announced
Added Shockwaves, Sellwands and Harvester Hoes to Crates
Fixed /f TNTFILL and re-enabled it
Made it display Health and Faction Name on your Nametag
Altered player kits, Blizzard Kit now recerives Protection 4.
Changed Price of Obsidian Gen Buckets from $100 > $2000 (Vertical) and $150 > $2500 (Horizontal)
Fixed numerous other minor bugs

InvadedLands Factions
Polar Realm

Saturday, 25th of August


SOTW Information

TNT and Creepers will be disabled for the first 4 days of the map, meaning Grace Period will end on the 22nd of August at 2PM EST.

Basic Information

There will be 4 worlds, meaning 16 corners in total, Spawn World, The End, The Nether and The Aether. The Spawn World has no terrain changes and is 8000x8000 in size. The other 3 Worlds are 5024x5024 and all have Flat Terrain up to y level 36. End terrain is Endstone, Nether terrain is Netherrack and Aether terrain is Coarse Dirt with a Grass layer.

Supports versions 1.7 – 1.8.9.

Faction fly is free.

‘Insiding’ is NOT allowed, any player found ‘insiding’ a faction will be banned. We will do our best to roleback your faction to its previous state but can never guarantee a full reverse.

Auction house will be enabled to allow users to sell and buy items from the community.

Faction Top Prizes have not been decided yet.

For any issues or questions, please contact Conquer#7084 (Manager of Factions).


Cannoning has been optimised and left-shooting will be disabled.

Fully automatic cannons and prestacked cannons are not allowed, patches have been put in place.
The only time this does not apply is for cannon that shoots below y level 20, anything above this is considered not allowed and you will be punished accordingly if found using it.
Fully Automatic - (Cannons that run off a clock and do not require a player to press a button)
Prestacked Cannons - (Cannons where sand is stacked and you may fire more than 2 shots without re-stacking sand (One-Shot sand does not apply))

World border stacking and roof cannons are all disabled and patched.

Regen Walls are disabled.

Obsidian will break within 3 hits of TNT, it is still water protected.

Event Information

To keep this map fun and interesting we will to be trying run a variation of events.

Some events we have in mind are PvP events such as 1v1 tournaments, Team tournaments and Last Man Standing

For you people out there that don’t like PvP, there will be other events such as Cannoning events and Parkour events.

These events will come with rewards which could be anything, upon winning an event you will receive a custom tag so you can receive recognition and have bragging rights!

Stay tuned on forums and discord for more information about event dates!

Faction Information

Factions will have a maximum player limit of 50, although this can be upgraded through Faction Upgrades.

Each player has 75 Power.

Factions are limited to a maximum of 2 allies, every faction by default will be an enemy.

If you log out in an enemy or ally base, upon relogging on, you will be teleported to spawn.

The maximum buffer size for a base is 20 chunks, this will be measured from your innermost wall.

The maximum buffer size on a cannon is 3 chunks, this is to allow space for other factions to get cannon claims.

Factions will have an option to do Faction Upgrades. These upgrades come at a price and can heavily benefit your Faction in many ways.

Factions missions are also available and great for earning some money at the start of the map by doing simple tasks. As missions are completed, the mission difficulty and reward will increase.

Factions top is purely based on things that are raidable, this is to prevent players storing their money and it being counted. Your faction value is displayed on the Scoreboard and can be viewed from Spawn or by using /f top. View the economy to see the values of items. If you hover over a Faction on /f top, it will display a detailed breakdown of their value.

Factions vault is an easy way to transport loot or store valuable items for other members to access. Simply use /f vault and place it within your land, then players in your faction can use /f vault to open it. Please note that your faction vault can be raided and items will be lost.

Faction TNT is a virtual TNT bank that you can deposit and withdraw TNT from, you may also use the Faction TNT Fill option to fill your cannon with ease. Your faction bank may be upgraded through faction upgrades to allow you to store more.

On the note of raiding, you may use Faction Stealth (/f stealth) so that if you are near enemy players, it will not knock them out of Faction Fly and give away your presence.

Have a look through /f help to view many others features that may be of use to members.


Outpost is a very fun and interesting feature, it is sure to have plenty of PvP and comes with great rewards.

To get to the Outpost, simply run West out of spawn or use /Warp Outpost and run straight, you can’t miss it!

To capture Outpost, simply stand on the purple capture pad and wait until it is at 100%. You can keep a track on who is capturing it and view any other relevant information on Outpost by checking the Scoreboard.

If you have captured Outpost, use /outpost tp to teleport to an exclusive room that only them who currently own Outpost have access to.

Here you will find items with a much better sell price and can buy spawners 10% cheaper than /shop.

Economy and Spawners

From making our economy, we think it is balanced and very unique.

You may view our economy SpreadSheet here;

All items may not be included on the SpreadSheet and prices may be changed later in the map but is unlikely.

Note, Creeper Spawners will drop TNT and Witch Spawners will drop Potions.

Silk Touching Spawners is enabled although you will need to be Arctic rank to be able to do so. Upon mining them, you will be charged 25% of the Spawners value, for example, mining an Enderman Spawners will cost you $200,000. This Feature is mainly to prevent players from mining their spawners during an offline time or whilst getting raided.

Spawners will also have the same properties as sponges, meaning watering them or covering with lava will not work.

Spawner Entities (Dropped Spanwers) will also not blow up from TNT or be destroyed in Lava.

More that are used for XP Farming will be stacked.

Bounty and Hunter

Bounty and Hunter are super fun ways to make money and have your biggest enemy targeted!

The way bounty works is you can place a bounty on players heads by using /bounty add. What this does is when this player is killed and their head is dropped, it is dropped with the bounty value.

You can view a list of all current bounties using /bounty list.

When a player is killed without a bounty, it will still take 10% of their current balance.

When you have got a players head, you may sell it using Hunter, simply use /hunter sellhead and place your collection of heads and receive money.

The Gen Shop makes building walls and other builds easy. There are various types of Gens.

The prices of each are as follows;

Cobblestone [Vertical]

Cobblestone [Horizontal]

Obsidian [Vertical]

Obsidian [Horizontal]

Dispenser [Vertical]

Sand [Vertical]

Gravel [Vertical]

Netherrack [Horizontal]

Dirt [Horizontal

Please note, you will be charged for every time you place the gen, it is not a one-time purchase.

Printer Mode

Printer Mode is an in-game addition for those who use ‘Schematica Printer’.

Effectively what Printer Mode will do is it will automatically buy blocks for you to save you the hastle of constantly buying more blocks to keep your inventory full.

All you will need to do is have 1 of each block you will be using in your inventory then simply enable Printer Mode by using /printer on.

Printer Mode is great for farm construction, base building and building cannons.

Please note you may have to play around with your Printer settings to find optimal settings for this to work at its full potential.


Shockwave Tools are the easiest way for you to mine out your buffer, they are available in Pickaxes and Shovels.

Shockwave Tools will remove blocks within a radius of the block mined, the following example was done using a 5x5.

The blocks mined will also be put directly into your inventory.

A Tray Pickaxe is a tool used to remove framing that was used to water your walls, there may be other uses but this was the use it was intended for.

Combined with Depth Striders, watering walls will no longer be an issue!

Tray Pickaxes are available in 2 different sizes, the example used was featuring a 9x9 Tray Pickaxe.

Sell Wand

A Sell Wand is used to sell items stored within a chest.

To use a Sell Wand, simply right-click on the chest you wish to sell and that’s it!

Sell Wands will only sell specific loot such as mob drops and farming drops, this is to prevent players from selling their valuables.

Sell Wands have infinite uses and are obtainable in different ways.

Harvester Hoe

A Harvester Hoe is used when mining Sugarcane.

To use a Harvester Hoe, simply mine Sugarcane as you would normally and the Harvester Hoe will automatically put all mined Sugarcane into your inventory.

Harvester Hoes are great as 0% of mined Sugarcane is lost, ensuring 100% efficiency when farming!

Harvester Hoes have infinite uses and are obtainable in different ways.

Chunk Buster

Chunk Busters are used for trenching out large areas.

To use a Chunk Buster simply place it in a chunk, ensuring it is placed at the highest point, as it only removes what is below it.

Once placed simply click on Start and let it do its magic!

Chunk Busters are great for trenching large areas instantly and will be very ideal for use in the Overworld.

Please note Chunk Busters do not have infinite uses and are a one-time item, they are obtainable in many different ways.

Chunk Loader

Chunk Loaders are used to load Spawners and Farms without the use of a player being active there.

To use a Chunk Loader simply place it where ever you like.

Chunk Loaders share the exact same properties as a player, therefore it will not load an entire chunk of spawners, but instead the radius a normal player would load.

You can place Chunk Loaders directly into Spawner pillars by simply right clicking on the Spawner.

Chunk Loaders can be picked up and moved by right-clicking on the Chunk Loader using a potato.

Please note Chunk Loaders can be killed by players and are single uses. They can be obtained in many different ways.

Crop Hoppers

Crop Hoppers will pick up all Cactus entities within the chunk it is placed inside.

This will remove the need for large collection points and means you can have your collection point at the top of the farm.

You are limited to placing 1 Crop Hopper per chunk.

Crop Hoppers are obtainable in many different ways.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip is a fun way to gamble against other players in real-time.

To create a Coin Flip simply use the command /cf [Amount you wish to coinflip] [Heads/Tails].

If you use /cf it will open a GUI where you can see all games that have been created already and you may click on any game to enter it!

Coin Flips are completely 50/50 and under no circumstance will money be given back, please gamble responsibly!

Money Pouches

Money Pouches are a great way to earn money!

There are 4 levels of Money Pouches;

Level 1 - $1000 - $10000

Level 2 - $10000 - $50000

Level 3 - $50000 - $250000

Level 4 - $250000 - $750000

After receiving a Money Pouch, simply right click on it to open.

When opening a Money Pouch, the amount you win depends on your level of Pouch, you are guaranteed to win an amount between the range shown on your Money Pouch.

Please note Money Pouches do not have infinite uses and are a one-time item, they are obtainable in many different ways.


Crates are great ways for you to earn lots of different and great rewards!

To view what is inside a crate, use /warp crates and simply left-click on a crate to view its rewards and chances.

To open a crate, right-click on the crate you wish to open whilst holding the crate key.

Please note Money Pouches do not have infinite uses and are a one-time item, they are obtainable in many different ways.