Hello everyone, we are currently aware of several issues and bugs on the forums. We are however in the process of finding someone to come in and help us fix these issues!

So we are making a list of all known issues that need to be fixed, if you have any that are not listed please let us know!

  • Site is not a https://
  • Displayed playercount [Resolved]
  • Profile Pictures [Resolved]
  • Posting pictures
  • Ban appeals [Resolved]
  • Text colors in some areas
  • Names overlapping profile pictures in "recent posts" on the forums [Resolved]
  • Staff list page looks boring
Just because everyone has been asking, we're shooting to open today at around 8PM EST.
I'm not 100% sure if we will be able to or not, but it'll probably be around that time.
Hey everyone, so it’s finally time for our 3rd reset on Invaded Lands!

Basically at the end of every year, we go through a reset where updates consist of:
  • New KitPvP Map
  • All Stats Reset (Kills/Deaths)
  • New Scoreboard System
  • Stats connected to Website
  • New Automated Event System (You can now purchase Events with in game $)
  • Xmas Crate Keys
  • Clearing all Inventories
  • Clearing all Ender chests
  • Clearing all Vaults
  • Clearing all Balances
  • Ban Appeals & Website is back Up
  • All Player Warps will be Reset (this makes us sad)
  • Fly for all God Ranks or Overlord will be restored
  • The opening of Skyblock (December 1st)

Also, we’d like to mention if you have ever purchased a Rank, you will keep the Rank. Ranks never reset.
These updates will take place November 27th
To celebrate the reset we’re also giving away 20 Xmas Keys

Invaded has come a long way since the start, so we just wanted to thank everyone for making it the community it is today. Thank you again for your understanding as we go through this reset, have a great day! :)