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KitPvP Update

Our new KitPvP update is now live!

Hi everyone,

As promised, I am going to announce what we are updating on the network this week. We realize players have seen the same content for a while - and I wanted to make sure that we were doing something as soon as possible to demonstrate that we care about your experience! So, this week's update isn't much - but I think it's a good start for what's to come!

Just a bit of background before getting into things: We are currently working on rewriting a large part of our server infrastructure. This means that our servers will operate more smoothly, are easier to scale, and can continue to be maintained in the future. However, this tedious process requires a lot of time, and occupies...

Staff Applications Opened


To carry on from what @affixes mentioned in his forum post yesterday, we are extremely excited to usher in a new era for Invaded. One key aspect of accomplishing this is our need to expand our moderation team to better serve the current community’s needs and prepare for some of the big server updates in the pipeline that will result in an uptick in players. Therefore, the Staff Applications are now open for those who wish to apply.

Apply for staff here: https://invadedlands.net/forums/staff-applications.16/

We are looking for like-minded individuals across the world who meet the application requirements and share our ambition to fully move the...

A new era for InvadedLands
  • affixes
  • Replies: 222

Hi everybody,

It's been a very busy few weeks at Invaded and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you all and give an update on where we are headed with the server. I'm sure that you all have a lot of questions that remain unanswered, so hopefully today I can provide some clarity on what is happening!

First of all, just a quick word about myself. My name is affixes, and I will be replacing Mega's position as manager of the server. This means that I will be responsible for everything that is related to InvadedLands. My job is to make sure that the server operates smoothly, that our players are happy, and that Invaded is a fun and safe place for our players to hang out on.

I have used the past two weeks to get a...

  • Skeppy
  • Replies: 228

hey guys, honestly i've tried to write this post numerous times, but it's been difficult coming up with the right words to say, so i'm just going to write down my honest thoughts. I haven't been in the best place mentally as of recently, so I apologize that this post didn't come out sooner. i guess the first thing of importance that i should state is that megapvp has been demoted, and removed from the staff team effective immediately.

i started invadedlands when i was 14 years old, I am 21 now. i've known mega for the entirety of those 7 years. you could pretty much say we were best friends, so i'm sure you can see why this is extremely difficult for me. it has unfortunately come to my attention as of recently there have been...

Regarding the Network
  • Zackyyy
  • Replies: 101

Recently we have noticed that there is a general conscientious within the community of not knowing what's currently going on with the network. There have been many forums posts going around & a lot of messages on Discord of people assuming stuff about the future of the network, but not actually knowing. This thread has been made to clear up most things & to give everyone some sort of insight as to what's going on.

The server being blacklisted by Mojang
It is common knowledge now that the server is not accessible through the main IP when using the normal Minecraft launcher or through Lunar Client. This is due to the server being blacklisted by Mojang. We have been classed as...

EULA Notice
  • Mega
  • Replies: 69

Over the last ~2 years we have been struggling to comply with Mojang’s EULA, similar to a number of other large networks. On June 8th 2021, the "Caves & Cliffs" Update: Part 1, was released and this is a large content update that also happens to have measures to fully block servers that are currently in violation of the EULA. Essentially meaning anyone on a version past 1.16.5 is unable to connect to InvadedLands using the typical domains.

This is problematic as we wish to provide support for and venture forward into newer versions of the game however our current circumstances limit that. To address this issue, will be moving towards an EULA-compliant approach for the network. Changes were already made with...


Update - Staff applications are now closed!

We have closed staff applications & are now in the process of reviewing the remaining applicants- selecting a group of new people who will be passed onto the interview stage.

Thank you to everyone who took the time & effort to apply this season. Don't worry if you were denied this season as you can re-apply when we next open up staff applications.


After 2 months of closure, we are once again opening up the doors for a new set of talented & like-minded individuals to join our general staff team.

This season we are especially focusing on bringing applicants living in regions...



After a long season of Survival, alongside KitPvP approaching the end of the typical 6-month cycle, we are now pleased to announce resets for both of these servers along with information, in the conclusion section, regarding our Discord server!

This thread will cover some of the major additions and changes for the resets and address some questions for those of you who are not already familiar with the concept of “full server resets”. This will also include what we mean by a “Mini Reset” for KitPvP.




Approximately one month ago, the Skyblock server had reached the end of its biannual cycle which means we will be commencing a full server reset.

This thread will cover some of the major additions and changes for this reset, as well as address some questions for those of you who are not familiarized with the concept of "full server resets" already.

When will the server be reset?

We plan on resetting the server on Friday March 5th @ 4:30 PM EST, however, the server will be whitelisted until then, starting Thursday March 4th @ 3:30 PM EST. The reason for the long whitelist period prior to...

PvPLands Merge

Hello everyone,

Why are we merging?
One of the main reasons for merging PvP Lands into InvadedLands is to allow us to continue growing the network as a whole. Another reason is that while running PvP Lands we ran into issues where we have to split our time and resources between two separate networks, which just isn't a feasible thing to do, and to maintain two separate staff teams.

What to expect
Events will start to be hosted on InvadedLands starting December 6th. We will be having various different people hosting the events, like members of our staff team. You can still expect events to be hosted by Skeppy. The prizes for winning these events...

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