Comments on Profile Post by NotAKoalaBear

  1. entqu
    I apologize that mistook your lag for extended reach. Also when I asked to SS you, you said no, so I'm still not 100% certain that you are clean.
    Feb 9, 2018
  2. NotAKoalaBear
    I was the one who told you to SS me LOL, I said SS me on discord and you ignored me and said "Join me on"

    Idk wtf is so... I have a ss of me saying "Wanna screenshare me?" so... stop lyinnnnng
    Feb 9, 2018
  3. MasterDa
    Feb 9, 2018
  4. Joyoy0
    @NotAKoalaBear is basically a screenshare. It's used for interviews / technical issues usually but it's also a great way to screenshare without discord or AnyDesk (which broke my laptop thanks to a Manager on Forcide -_- [Darn it, Moobs!])
    Feb 12, 2018
  5. aiht
    wow you must be so good ! someone hackusated youuu!!! wow!!
    Feb 15, 2018
  6. NotAKoalaBear
    i know, im very good, not as if I get hackusated every day :O
    Feb 15, 2018