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  1. Centralization

    why am i thinking this?

    y would they do this tho.. you never know
  2. Centralization

    why am i thinking this?

    you guys know how skeppy faked his content and stuff? i have so much theories about it lately and I have no idea why. You all know about mega right? what if, since he found out about him faking his content, this lead to his actions or like he just didn't want to work for the same owner he used...
  3. Centralization


    i wish
  4. Centralization

    remove versions 1.9+ for kitpvp kid

    remove versions 1.9+ for kitpvp kid
  5. Centralization

    Before and after invadedlands

    he faked his content yk
  6. Centralization

    When do you think invaded lands will discontinue

    honestly, yeah this server was already dying since like 2020 or so but like, in my sincere honest opinion, it was ong hella fun. But, ever since sotw and neon leaving which made kb change hella and the 2 terrible developers and staff team, it just shattered invaded. I found this server actually...
  7. Centralization

    i miss this

  8. Centralization

    Pretty cool screenshot

    oh my
  9. Centralization

    Staff Tier List

    everything accurate except s, csyre fr d tier and fr like who that droidcry fr
  10. Centralization


    golden times ;-;
  11. Centralization


  12. Centralization

    420 XD

    i think it works for me
  13. Centralization

    420 XD

  14. Centralization

    Ah invadedlands just keeps on getting better!

    u need to stop get good
  15. Centralization

    how to be dumb (tutorial)

  16. Centralization

    [Announcements] ZVoltage’s Denial

    what a despicable act man
  17. Centralization


  18. Centralization


    Now. Lets take a look here my friend. YOU were the one who decided to talk first. I am not 100% certain Glukii was being fr or not but regardless he does have a point that TMB did join forums in march but ofc yes that also means that he could also be wrong. You still decided to act like he was...
  19. Centralization