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  1. DoctaN208

    Hello, fellow members of the invadedlands community.

    Unfortunately, as of recently, it has come to my attention that
  2. DoctaN208


    @consuctor why are you not epic skeppy fbi skin anymore bro why are u cute invadedland egirl now
  3. DoctaN208

    im the biggest G left

    im so much more of a G than u randoms, i still got my signed skeppy hoodie! you dont! im top g, ur bottom L👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
  4. DoctaN208

    return of the king

  5. DoctaN208

    question for staff

    so ur not allowed to feed loot from alts to main from like kits and stuff but are you allowed to give alts items to pvp with from ur mains
  6. DoctaN208

    im famous

    so who wants an autograph
  7. DoctaN208

    Im finally staff

    I would like to thank my wife, my children, and most importantly @Hydu for making this achievement possible. I look forward to working with you all, thank you for accepting my application.
  8. DoctaN208

    the REAL reason the anticheat is acting up

    recently nef got doxxed so he ratted all the hack clients on intent.store (all the pro clients) and so he removed al their bypasses so all the people getting “false banned” are actualy just using the cheats they always have so like L cheater down pce
  9. DoctaN208

    fix your anticheat

    bro like 50 people got false banned this morning by the anticheat like hire a competent dev or something or literally cop like any free anticheat u can find it will be better than whatever this is (the free duels wins are nice tho)
  10. DoctaN208


    pce random 🤣
  11. DoctaN208


    why are people that like actually play the server never mods and half the mods are randoms
  12. DoctaN208

    hacker exposed

    @infs hacking on minemen na ranked player hacking everyone mass report him hes hacking he has reach i saw it with my own eyes hes reaching report him this is minemen forums right report infs ign infs for cheating on the minemen server with reach hacks
  13. DoctaN208

    another false ban

    i lose half my wagers how did i manage to get false banned nice anticheat tho
  14. DoctaN208


    i accidentally just traded someone that doesn't join the server my whole balance and ididn't even realize it until after they left
  15. DoctaN208

    pov you

    you found a credit card on the ground
  16. DoctaN208

    any srmod+'s

    unblacklist me (i was told to say this on the 21st)
  17. DoctaN208

    what will happen

    so im blacklisted on my main but theres a date it says when to ask to unblacklist so i went to check but forgot iwason an alt and logged into the server and joined kit so it would get the message but i left right after will i get perma blacklisted for blacklist evading?
  18. DoctaN208

    jiminy crickets

    jesus in skeppy reposonse video he showed his paypal balance and it said 3 MILLION @Skeppy im like ur biggest fan btw paypal me $1000 rq ok hi ok thx ok hi thx
  19. DoctaN208


    so i got re blacklisted because apparently the server rollback unblacklisted me but they didn’t figure this out until the day after i spent money for items in the server so guess im gone bye
  20. DoctaN208

    i am

    the best pvper in the worl d