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  1. ElieAxelrad


  2. ElieAxelrad

    Rip Elisabeth II

    May Elisabeth II rest in peace after her 96 years of life. RIP
  3. ElieAxelrad

    Thank you InvadedLands staff

    Hello everyone. I've seen a few people get really mad at InvadedLands staff members for various reasons and get mad about other things, so I'm gonna talk about it in this thread and contradict some of them. I will not say names in this thread, most likely the people that said these things will...
  4. ElieAxelrad

    GG Zackyyy on Admin again!

  5. ElieAxelrad

    Merry Christmas everyone !

    Merry Christmas everyone, hope you're having a good day and had good presents (if you're celebrating it) !
  6. ElieAxelrad

    Make Listere Admin

    #MakeListereAdminSoHeCanRemoveLockSigns that's about all I had to say anyways have a good day/night !
  7. ElieAxelrad

    Lock signs

    Why is it so hard to get an admin or manager on to remove some lock signs? I've been trying for days but Kobuto is always offline and never answers, Hayech and Luke never answer, Lumboc answers sometimes but only gets on to troll DorisHD and I haven't seen Zelk on in ages.... Lionnco and didgo...
  8. ElieAxelrad

    I got permanently blacklisted

    I got permanently blacklisted for ChargeBack by SkyTheEye when I had my tebexprotection on and when SkyTheEye never bought me anything ;-; so I appealed