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  1. Jazmo02

    Hello there peoples.

    Staff on invaded, I have a request, instead of fucking muting me for saying bitch ban the fucking hackers for god sakes. Yous fucking sit there all day long muting me for shit but never ban 1 fuckiung hacker. Also if anyone knows how to appeal mutes that would be greatly appreciated thankyou...
  2. Jazmo02

    when is invaded getting a new anticheat?

    please get new anticheat this one keeps falsebanning me pls pls get new anticheat i hate having to wait days and days for my ban appeals to be read. thankyou for reading.
  3. Jazmo02

    fix the anticheat PLEASE.

    please fix the anticheat or just remove it. I've been false banned like 10 times since the reset, but for some reason it still takes ages for it to ban an actual hacker, so once the hacker is finally banned they've killed 100 people and stolen their gear.
  4. Jazmo02

    Ah invadedlands just keeps on getting better!

    I never thought this day would come, after having my ban appeals accepted and being unbanned 6 times in a row when I wasn't cheating, today mine was just denied when I still wasn't cheating, isn't it just spectacular how good this server has become? I literally had to make another ban appeal...
  5. Jazmo02

    when are ban appeals gonna be read...

    Luke, Hayech could yous please read ban appeals, the forums were done for a month and now its been back up for like a week and yous still haven't read the bloody ban appeals..
  6. Jazmo02

    this is beyond a joke

    just fucking go back to before the reset please, this reset has been FUCKING SHIT, like how the **** yous think its alright to fucking release this shit when its GARBAGE its absolute fuckign shit. like surely yous had to have relaised that all ur new plugins are fucking GARABGE before you...
  7. Jazmo02

    Staff being completly useless fucks.

    Its absolutely ridiculous there is multiple staff on kitpvp but instead of doing what staff should be doing, banning fucking cheaters. They just host events. its so fucking annoying, I got 4v1ed by hackers but they don't give a shit they just continue doing events.. smh.