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  1. csyre

    Zac's Ego

    You should go spend some time outside and maybe try to make friends
  2. csyre

    Zac's Ego

    This is a very interesting reaction to having your staff application denied... by someone who isn't even Skeppy. Take a break from the internet- hope you feel better soon!
  3. csyre

    Introduction; AngelumAureum

    hello, welcome back!!! fine arts is fire 🔥🔥🔥
  4. csyre

    Fix the mute system

    Mutes and bans were reset recently. I see you understand that 3 msgs/chat window = mute, so avoid breaking the rules and you will not get muted.
  5. csyre

    whatever you want to think

    whatever you want to think
  6. csyre

    [ATTACH] its just you

    its just you
  7. csyre

    ur my 1 true love

    ur my 1 true love
  8. csyre

    Survival > Prison?

    who even IS THIS
  9. csyre

    I don't have anything to do with resets or updates to the server I was updating the faq page...

    I don't have anything to do with resets or updates to the server I was updating the faq page and decided to separate bugs + player reports into different threads. It's not as deep as you think it is
  10. csyre

    Important How to Issue a Bug Report

    Issuing Bug Reports Things you need prior to making a bug report: A clear video of the bug which showcases what the issue is Information on what server(s) it is occurring on Information on how to recreate the bug if possible A typed description of the bug Important Information Please...
  11. csyre

    trying to buy shit is impossible on invaded

    did bro just admit to... credit card fraud? yeah... i wonder why ur cards are declining...
  12. csyre

    my pleasure

    my pleasure
  13. csyre


  14. csyre

    are they the same?

    I believe event-a is 1.8 and event-b is 1.19, but I could be wrong
  15. csyre


    did he even advertise that the event was for money? if not then I don't see why he would owe you anything. Not every event ever has had a prize & it is 100% not scamming or anything of the sort if you weren't promised anything from the start.
  16. csyre

    so true lya margarita

    so true lya margarita
  17. csyre

    Skyblock offline.

    No There was a machine outage. I believe everything's good now
  18. csyre

    I need help logging in

    Try connecting with 1.8 and let me know.
  19. csyre

    I need help logging in

    What version are you using?
  20. csyre

    thx for host event csytre

    he logged out to avoid getting killed and ran back to the middle after we were continuing on to the next round... definitely unfair, yeah