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Important Discord Staff Applications - Guidelines & Requirements

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This is a thread containing information about becoming a Discord Chat Moderator, the requirements and the application process.

This staff position will be used to help us with the Discord moderation, you will not be dealing with any in-game or forums related issues. You will be looking in text and voice channels dealing with people who are breaking the rules.

No one is ever guaranteed to be accepted, there are other factors that will influence our decision such as your behaviour in-game.

All of these requirements should be met, your application can be denied without consideration if you fail to meet one of the following requirements.
  • You must be 16 years old or older
  • You must have decent past Discord staff experience with proof provided in your application
  • You must have a working microphone and be able to talk to us
  • You must not currently be banned or blacklisted on the server
  • You must be apart of the Discord server for at least 2 months
  • You must be active in the Discord server
  • You need to put effort into your application, if we see simple 1-2 sentence answers for questions that are expected to be much longer, your application will be denied
  • You must not have 2 or more mutes in the Discord server within the past 1 month of applying
  • You must not have any bans in the Discord server within the past 3 months of applying
Below are some things that can help you become a Discord moderator, however they are not required.
  • Know any of our current staff members
  • Being more active than the average member in the Discord server

Application Process
Stage 1: The Application Stage

This is the first stage you will go through when applying to become a Discord staff member. You will need to meet the requirements before you create an application for this position and you must remain active on the Discord server while you wait for your application to be reviewed. There is no set time on how long applications will stay open for, or if some will be accepted while applications remain open. Some applications will be denied instantly denied while others will be denied later on; if you are determined as not fit for the position then your application will be denied and you will be allowed to apply next time applications open, otherwise if your application is accepted you will then move on to the interview stage.

Stage 2: The Interview Stage

If you make it to this stage, you will be contacted by a member of staff on what time would be best for you to conduct your verbal interview. In the interview you will be asked a range of questions and expected to answer them quickly and calmly so we know how you can act in the heat of the moment. If you fail the interview stage then you will be told so and told you can reapply next time applications open. If you pass the interview and you are deemed to be a good fit for the team, you will be accepted and given the role.
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