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Important How to issue a Player Report

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Any threads, forum conversation or Discord messages in regards to the player report will be directed here.

Things that you will need in order to file a player report are:
  • Offender's IGN (Please make sure that you are entering the correct, Up-to-date IGN) (If a player is nicked you must include /realname in your report to show their true IGN)
  • What rule did they break? (Chose the correct offence.)
  • What server did this occur on? (Chose the correct server.)
  • Evidence (Please make sure you have valid evidence.)
  • Date of evidence (This should match the ingame date on the scoreboard.)

What is considered "invalid" evidence?
  • Cropped screenshots that only shows part of the game. You must submit fullscreen screenshots or screen recordings for us to consider your report.
  • Blurry screenshots where the chat/player's IGN is illegible.
  • Video evidence with choppy FPS.
  • A blurry video where staff cannot see the IGN of the offender and/or the rule violation.
  • Forged evidence
  • Outdated evidence, you must report offenses within a reasonable amount of time
  • Evidence submitted by blacklisted players
Forums Reports

Please avoid using the 'Player Reports' section for forums related reports. Instead, use the 'Report' button at the bottom of the post to report a specific post, or the 'Report' button on a specific user's profile to report the user.

When submitting reports through the forums, do not:
  • Submit "joke" reports (doing so may result in disciplinary action for you on the forums)
  • Report staff members' responses to appeals, player reports, purchase support tickets, etc.
  • Report users for invalid reasons (Only report users violating the Forums or Communication rules)
Discord Reports

Offenses on Discord and other platforms are handled at an administrator or manager's discretion. You must be able to prove that your evidence is valid and directly relates to InvadedLands. Reports of this nature that do not have sufficient evidence will be denied.


Q: I'd like to report a player privately.
A: We do not accept private player reports for ingame offenses, so please do not DM staff members asking to report a player privately. You will be directed to the Player Reports section of the forums. Please keep in mind that all player reports are confidential amongst the staff team and are not shared with anyone.

Q: How do I report a staff member? Can I report a staff member?

A: We currently do not have a formal staff reporting system. However, if you have valid and sufficient evidence of staff misconduct, you are encouraged to contact higher-up staff members (Admins+) via Discord or forums conversation. This is a very serious matter, so be prepared to answer any follow-up questions or supply additional evidence if needed.

Q: Is it possible to report InvadedLands Discord rule breakers here?
A: Yes. However, please make sure you have valid evidence when you file a report. [Discord #'s and non-cropped evidence].

Q: Do I have to write the time stamps down if I have a long video?
A: If your video is 2 minutes or longer, please provide approximate timestamps for when the offense takes place. If you do not include timestamps alongside a long video, your report may be denied and you will be asked to resubmit it with timestamps.


The report system is designed to make the process of punishing players efficient and accurate. Please do not abuse this system as troll reports can lower the efficiency of the report process. Abusing the report system will result in severe punishment! (This includes forged reports, spam reports, troll reports or false report with malicious intent).
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