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    Dec 5, 2018
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    When kit pvp resets this weekend; there should be these things included.

    Multiple keyalls the day of

    Zelkam leaks pictures of him at Furry con

    Chain, poonerr, and Timmy get unblacklisted

    All the shit diamonds sit down and never resurface the face of the earth

    eGirls get eGirl ranks

    wclfie listens to topanga by trippie

    MKillFan quits minecraft for roblox

    Deciple quits minecraft and becomes a milkman at farmers market

    Sinaze comes out about being gay

    Hand quits overall and starts to take part in competitive lego building competitions

    Luke gets demoted and gets perm banned all whilst he is afk

    Aggrivate loses all his god swords and is sad

    Skeppy gets on for a video, but doesn't care about his server

    Zelkam becomes owner

    A non becomes a top killer for the entire season and gets mad eGirls

    Pack comes out about how he is secretly 70 years old