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    Below are some ideas for the staff team to consider for the upcoming KITPVP Reset. Please tell me if you think this would be a good improvement and or lacks detail and doesn't serve a purpose.

    Everyone should have a player warp - We all should have a plot where we can 1v1 on and can make our
    own mini maps. This would help a feeling of P2C disintegrate. This would also be an overall cool feature for the fact that we have some very cool builders on Invaded.

    Another Kit - There should be another kit, with the only ones consisting of PVP, Archer, Elite, Daily and,
    Default and then the donar ranks. There should be an assassin kit with leather protection 2 unbreaking 2 armor and a sharp 3 stone sword. Along with 3 Speed 2 pots and 1 regeneration pots. There should be no god apples with a 15 normal golden apples.

    Daily Parkour - Every 24 hours you can redo a parkour challenge at spawn and if you beat it you get
    $100 ingame. This will actually give a meaning to the parkour at spawn.