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Announcement Survival Reset (IMPORTANT DATES, CHANGES + MORE!)

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I like a lot of these changes. Toggleable flight & item pickup seem especially interesting.
Sad that we won't be seeing our builds from last season anymore, though. Hoping that there won't be any other big hiccups before or after release.
Builds have never carried over from previous seasons to the next, so I wouldn't call it a hiccup. It is still sad though — I hope everyone got their screenshots before the whitelist


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dont you mine coal for 15 hours straight
first: i only mined for 6 hours. second: france. third: these 6 hours weren't in a row i divided these for 3 days and these days were also divided by 30 minutes each and i could watch videos while mining.


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Hey everyone, Survival will be fully reset and opened on Friday, the 17th of March @ 3PM EST!

This thread will go over all of the vital information that you will need to know regarding the Survival's reset, and any updates that follow it.

Will the server be reopened before the reset?

At this point in time, our current focus is on the reset & release of the new Survival season. As such, we will not be reopening the server until the new season launches.

( Click here for a countdown until the reset )

What will be reset?

As this is the beginning of a new server season, it will be receiving a full reset. For those who are unaware of what is removed in a full reset, see the list of items below.
  • Player Inventories
  • Ender Chests
  • Vaults
  • Auction House
  • Claims & Claim Blocks
  • Balances
  • Reclaims
  • Builds & Worlds
What is staying from the previous season?

Survival's main feature set from the previous season will remain. This includes crates, shop items, nerfs, and any other features that were found in the previous season. See below for adjustments.


What has changed?

Honestly, quite a bit. Similarly to season(s) preceding the previous, Survival will be using a custom world generator for the main world, and for the first time ever, The End (which will release when the new season does!). The shop has been altered to implement changes some of the player base has requested, and grinding mobs has been made easier via changes to how hits work.

There have been even further tweaks made based off of community suggestions/feedback. To see a list of some them, see below:
  • Hoppers have been added to purchase from the shop. (Vxzn's suggestion)
  • The flight timer will now regenerate whilst you are on the ground. (Amnoagrass's suggestion)
  • Copper blocks have been added to the shop. (Terrorboss's suggestion)
  • Blue concrete, and other decorative-related blocks have been added to the shop. (Atomicfile's suggestion)
  • The flight timer will now regenerate whilst you're in a claim or area allowing for infinite flight. (Vxzn's suggestion)
  • A bug affecting the chat reaction achievement has been fixed, leading to the achievement track for it returning. (Primegame66's suggestion)
  • Added command(s) to allow for players to fly in your claim (Gluki's suggestion):
    - /claim flightlist - View a list of people added to that claim's flight list. Whether they can fly or not is dependent on the list's type.
    - /claim addflightlist <player> - Adds a player to your claim's flight list.
    - /claim removeflightlist <player> - Removes a player from your claim's flight list.
    - /claim flightmode - Toggles whether the flight list is a blacklist or a whitelist (whether only the people on the list can fly, or the people off the list can fly).
  • Players can now sit on various surfaces. (_Waylon's suggestion)
  • /claim ban now works for offline players. (J1my's suggestion)
  • Your PvP mode now gets displayed on the scoreboard. (Vxzn's suggestion)
  • Player warps have been re-added. (Vxzn's suggestion)
  • Bug affecting old skeleton spawners has been fixed. (SkeppyJr's suggestion & Kaylo's bug report)
  • The end will be opened at the beginning of this season. (Vxzn's suggestion)
  • Sell wands have been added. (Primegame66's suggestion)
  • The end's main island will periodically regenerate to prevent griefing.
  • You can no longer kill people with the McMMO Blast Mining perk while their PvP is toggled off. (Skeppys_Slave's bug report)
  • You can no longer kill people via TNT cannoning in to their claim. (JohnLol's bug report)
  • You can no longer spam /wild or /rtp to avoid the random teleportation cooldown. (JavaJake123's bug report)
  • You no longer receive the 1.9 hit cooldown whilst hitting stacked mobs. Grind to your heart's content 🧡
  • Added /claim trustedflightmode to toggle whether players who are trusted in a claim can fly regardless of being on the flight whitelist, or via not being on the flight blacklist.
  • Added /claim setuntrustedpickup <true/false> to toggle whether players who aren't trusted can pick items up from the claim you're standing in (false by default).
  • Altered McMMO's experience gaining values.
  • Iron Golems will no longer drop poppies or experience.
Before you go to play, there's a few things I think that need to be mentioned going forward. If you are building grinders and aren't paying any attention to their output, I do heavily suggest that you add something to burn excess items. Failure to do so may result in the grinder being removed due to causing server lag due to excessively keeping items alive.

Those of you wishing for more control, and settings, over your player experience (such as /tgc and /tptoggle), while that hasn't been added yet, don't fret! We haven't forgotten about you, and we'll have news to share on the matter eventually.

Thanks for reading!
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