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Important Tebex Protection Guide

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Tebex Protection Guide


In this thread, I will be giving a walkthrough on what "tebex protection" is and how you should use it to prevent others from purchasing things under your IGN and possibly charging back on the purchase, which will result in you getting blacklisted. This will be kept relatively short, as our hope is to get the point across to as many players as possible.

What is a chargeback?

A "chargeback" occurs when a player requests a refund on a purchase made on the InvadedLands store. This isn't permitted on our network, so when you purchase anything from our store you have to agree to the set
Terms & Conditions, where it is stated that:
1. All packages purchased are final, as all sold items are virtual goods and not redeemable or usable in the real world. Due to this, we practice a no refunds/chargeback policy unless an exception (or special agreement) is created under the agreement of both parties (The user & InvadedLands’ Administration Team)

2. Attempts to bypass or break our refund/chargeback policy via filing chargeback case with your credit card company will result in a permanent ban from all of InvadedLands servers.

TLDR; Refunds for purchases are not accepted, and charging back on any purchase made on the InvadedLands store results in a permanent blacklist on our network. With this being enforced, players may purchase items on the store under another players username and then refund their purchase, resulting in the other player getting blacklisted.

How do I prevent this?

On our network there is a command you can use to disable purchases under your account so that no one can buy you anything until you re-enable the setting.

This command is as follows:

/buycraftprotection OR /tebexprotection

Once you run this command, you will be directed to this menu:


The most essential part of this all is ensuring that when hover your cursor over the paper icon it says:

Current Mode: Disallowed

If it does not, click the paper so that it changes to what is shown above. Anytime you would like to make a purchase you must go to this GUI, click to allow purchases, and go through the process of making your purchase. You should always set this to Disallowed if you are not planning on making a purchase. This will heavily reduce your chances of getting false blacklisted for chargeback.

If for any reason you are unfairly blacklisted for chargeback, please create a blacklist appeal here: https://invadedlands.net/form/blacklist-appeal.6/select

Finally, If you have any questions or concerns about anything that was written above, please do not hesitate to reach out to a staff member via Forums or Discord.​
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