ya join ya die ya lose ur stuff

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Have you ever experienced the same bug before ?

  1. Yes, pissed me the fuck off :/

  2. Not really

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    so basically, you know when you're playing a sumo or redrover event ? yeah people can hit you in these events, and when they hit you, you get combat tagged, but for some reason when you're combat tagged in an event you can /spawn, so people would assume that they're not combat tagged, and sometimes people log out after the event, so they lose their stuff, now normally people don't have any items after they leave the event, but sometimes people do a kit or get items from the ender chest and leave a second or two before they get out of the combat tag, sometimes this happens to the event winners and they lose their event key :/

    so when people log back on they die for combat lagging and they're confused for what happened.

    simple bug simple fix.

    thanks for reading and have a good one

    EDIT: sorry for not using the format that I should have used, I just rushed making this thread because I was pissed of getting killed after logging out after the events.

    my IGN : DaEpicCookies

    server : kitpvp
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    Hello @DaEpicCookies,
    Thank you for your bug report and I understand your frustration and hopefully, this will be looked into soon!

    Kind regards,
    aStealth, (Ryan)
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