Kitpvp will reset this weekend. Either Friday or Saturday. What will happen?

  • Updates
  • Stat reset
  • Inventory/enderchest/vaults/balances cleared
  • New map added in.
The new map is currently at /warp parkour (why warp parkour you ask? because the permission system was being dumb and wouldn't give perms to warp there so i re-set the warp parkour to there.)

Basically just any and all thoughts about it, what would you like to see chaned, stay the same, added removed...etc

Pls no knee-jerk reactions to the map, actually think about and consider some things before stating them.
Diamond block = Winter with a ice castle
Red wool = Mesa with a watch tower
Purple = medival
Pink/bedrock = paths
Coords of the entire map = 400x400

Spawn is at the base of the mountain in the middle of the map, there will be a tunnel through the mountain to the back so players can easily access the back half of the map.

Right now the builders are asking for feedback, what do you like, what do you dislike, is there anything else you want to see, changed or removed?

map (2)-min.png map (3)-min.png map (4)-min.png
Don't give me just general ideas like "terrain" or "buildings"
Give me detailed ideas like what kind of terrain do you want to see, what type of buildings do you want to see.
Do you want the map big, medium, a bit smaller, do you want the spawn to be big or small, ground level, in the air, stuff like that.
Time stamps are in description. also here they are if you're lazy.

6:00 Why do you falseblacklist
1:50 when will the server have an item & stats reset?
2:21 Any updates on Factions?
2:29 Is soup and/or practice (the old one) going to return sometime soon?
3:25 Will k2 come back
4:12 It's about 1 month since apps opened back up. So when exactly does the season end?
4:27 Can you bring back the castle ?
5:27 can you fix the issues with white text on msgs that happen after ppl speak in the chat?
5:51 Will Skyblock have island top rewards in the next season? Are the current top islands going to get any prize in the end of the season?
6:25 Is there any plans of bringing other gamemodes to Invaded? (e.g Prison, HCF, etc.)
7:04 Closing remarks

Gonna make an unlisted vid answering some of your questions.

Ask away. upvote questions you like so it has a higher chance of being answered.

Will make/post the vid this Sunday on the forums.
Updates on the server:


First off before we get to the other things I would just like to mention that OITC has been released! A lot of you would have realized this by now as it is in our MOTD, however I wanted to take this time to ask you all a question. What would you like to see in OITC? Are there any updates, changes, or features you would like to see? This feedback would be GREATLY appreciated, along with all of your potential glitch and bug reports so we can fix those ASAP!


The only update we could add for now was voting for skyblock for a vote key.
It’s come to our attention that we will not be able to get Skyblock reset and open in a reasonable amount of time without rushing to meet a deadline thus forcing us to cut corners and not be fully ready. Other projects have taken priority and we have been so focused on other things we haven’t had that much time to work on Skyblock. Due to this we have decided that it would be best to open Skyblock as it was. No updates, no reset, just open it how it was when we closed it. This will make it so you guys can still play and have fun on Skyblock, but it also gives us the time that we need. We will be able to work on the Skyblock update without rushing to meet a deadline. This means the update should be better and less buggy compared to if we had rushed the release, overall we just feel like this is in the best interest of both the staff team and the players. We hope you understand!

KitPvP Update List:

  • Changed to Halloween map
  • Skeppy keys released
  • October keys released
  • LMS event added (ability to host it can be won in the October crate)
  • ROD event added (ability to host it can be won in the October crate)
Essentially mod applications will be staying the exact same. You still apply the same way, need to meet the same requirements, have a verbal interview, and a 2 week trial stage.

The main thing that is changing is we're adding in seasons for staff applications. Basically what a season is, is the mod applications will be opened and you can all apply for mod. Intermittently throughout the season some staff applications will be denied, however no staff application will be accepted until the end of each season. And at the end of each season every single staff application will be read and either accepted or denied.

One of the things that is changing is before if you were denied you had to wait 2 weeks to reapply, now you simply must wast until the next season starts.


Why?: The main reason we want to do this is because it ensures that every single staff application will be read and responded to in a reasonable amount of time. Meaning that no staff application will left sitting there for months on end.

How long is each season: Each season will last approximately 1 month. (this time is not set in stone, it could change)

What happens after a season ends?:
After the season ends I will read over each staff application and deny each one that is deemed not ready for staff. Then who is left (if anyone) is yet to be accepted or denied, everyone Admin and up will decide if said application should be accepted or denied.

How long in between each season?: There is no specific timeline we wish to follow It all depends on how many staff were accepted the previous season, the servers playerbase, and the need for new staff. Overall all of those factors determine the length between seasons. It could be 1-2 weeks or it could be 1-2 months.

Are you going to only hire a certain amount of people each season?: No, we will accept any and all applicants that we deem are worthy to be staff. It could be several, or it could be 0, it all depends on who applies.

Mod applications will be reopened on Friday and there will be a 1 weeks advanced notice before the season will end.
Sorry about the quality. Vegas would crash if I tried to render it at any higher quality.

Please note: Not everything stated in this video is not set in stone. Some things may change and we may decide to do things differently! This video is a general guideline of how we are likely to do things, however we could easily change our minds about a number of things in this video!

Time stamps (clickbable in video description):

0:00 Introduction
0:34 Give us your feedback!
1:16 Let us know what you think about the map
2:04 SoupPvP
3:41 KItPvP
4:42 Skyblock
5:42 Advertisement and voting
6:28 Factions
8:44 What I Personally think would be cool for invadedlands
11:34 Player question about factions and ftop prize
11:58 Will blacklists ever reset?
12:58 Will we ever add a practice server
14:41 Are you going to merge with any other servers?
16:56 will you ever do any more HUGE sales?
17:17 Will there ever be a forums reset/revamp?
17:39 Info about Mod applications
18:39 Will there ever be a clan wars/Tourney gamemode?
20:06 How I personally see InvadedLands in the next 6 months