Recently there has been a massive surge of people posting their discord invite links in chat. Due to this we are now making this a rule that players are no longer allowed to share their discord server links in chat. The punishments will be similar to that of the mute lengths of spam.

However if you advertise your discord that is a discord of your server or any other minecraft server, you will be punished for advertising, which carries the weight of a permanent ban.

And if you're advertising your discord for 'free alts' or anything of the sort you will be muted for longer as well.
Hello Invaded players!
This is an informative post to let you all know why the server has been whitelisted, and to explain to you why!

One of the main reasons being that we will be taking this time to remove k2 and soup and transfer all ranks/rewards for every player to k1 that is deserving of so. This is going to take a LOT of time. we have to decide what you get, then transfer 500+ ranks/rewards MANUALLY!

We will also be pushing some updates to k1 and maybe even a forum update later in a week or 2. Such updates being balancing k1 kits, adding/changing around a few other plugins, resetting KitPvP vaults/enderchests/balances, working on making and adding in a new map, getting the V2 top killers names, and other things!

more info later!

Overall since we are a bit understaffed this will likely take us 1-2 weeks to do since we want to make sure this is all done right with 0 bugs to prepare us for the new players that will be coming in with school ending.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we will work on fixing a few bugs and adding updates to get the server live as soon as possible! Thanks for understanding!
This is just a video I made to help explain more in depth as to why we are removing v2 and soup, and I do discuss some other topics.
It is 25m long, but I would highly encourage at least watching the first minute as that is the most important part.

Sorry for the Rainbow six siege videos, I didn't want you all to be bored with a black screen, and that footage was all I had on my PC from shadowplay saving a couple of my aces and cool plays lol.

I know a lot of you are not going to be happy with the title, but this is something we feel should be done with InvadedLands. We have been considering to do so for quite some time, and now with some updates coming it is finally time to do so.

The main reason being is that KitPvP v2 was initially created because we could not afford a very good host, however we had a large amount of players and KitPvP could not handle it. Thus we created V2 to relieve the stress off of V1. However now we have and continue to resolve these performance issues meaning V2 isn’t as needed anymore. Plus that coupled with the fact that V1 has and always will be the more popular server, V2 does not get as much attention from the players, or updates as V1, as V1 takes priority.

And I know a lot of you like V2 as it gives you them nostalgia tingles, the older style map and spawn, more how invaded was about a year ago. However that old invaded doesn’t bring in near as many new players as V1 and constant updates and changes, that shown through the fact that V2 generally has 1/4th to 1-3rd the playerbase compared to v1.

Now we have not chosen to remove them giving you nothing, as stated Invaded is moving forward and there is some big network updates coming in the upcoming weeks, meaning you will not have to worry about being left out. We have weighed the decisions and outcomes and we honestly feel this is the best route to be taking for InvadedLands.

You will be compensated! If you have purchased a rank on KitPvP v2 the equivalent of how much money you spent will go towards your rank on V1. Meaning if you bought VIP on kitpvp V2 you will get VIP on KitPvP v1. If you bought DemiGod rank, you will get God rank on V1. Now if you purchased a rank on BOTH servers, then your payments will stack.
Example: If you purchased Super (20$) on V2, and MVP (20$) on V1, those will combine to 40$ and you will receive Pro on KitPvP (sales will not be factored in, we are only talking about the base value of ranks).

This also goes for Soup. if you purchased Elite on Soup you will get VIP on KitPvP.

Why: Ultimately it doesn't make sense anymore to mainly keep KitPvP V2. The main reason it was needed as we could not fit all players into v1. Not that this will not be an issue it really isn't needed. And the fact that V1 is by far more popular we tend to spend most of our time there and working on that server. Since it is V1 it will always attract more players even if we do the same and constant updates for V2. At this point it makes no sense to continue a server that is not needed and generally has far less players than V1.
Soup: People are not as much fans of soup as they used to be. Generally Soup only has less than 10 people on at a time, unless it is the weekend, at there are times for several hours where there are 0 people online Soup. And generally when you think InvadedLands, you do not think Soup PvP. We may however in the future look to maybe reinstall Soup or even simply add it as a warp to KitPvP, however at this point going forward it will be removed.

When: Invaded will be whitelisting to put these, and more, changes/updates in effect around the end of May/Start of June. More specific details and times will be provided when we get closer to the end of the month.

Again, we would not do this to you and give you nothing in return, there will be big, and fun network updates and changes for you all later this month/June. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
SkyBlock has officially reset and has been released! I have added a bunch of new features and changes to skyblock so I decided I'd put it all in one post just for you all to know what has been updated, changed, and added.


  • Acidic Crate, a limited time crate that can be purchased at the buycraft page!
  • /GameBox games, defaults will have access CookieClicker, Connect four, and Battlship, and other games can be gained through ranks, crates, or directly purchased at the buycraft page,
  • /PlayerParticles (/PP) Ranks get extra particles/trails, and more particles/trails can be won in crates. More info on the exact particles/trails on each ranks buycraft info.
  • /TempFly (/TF) Has been added, you can buy tempfly in the ingame /shop, or win time from crates. It gives you perms to temporarily be able to fly at your island and at spawn.
  • Parkour has been added. /Pa Lobby to see the courses. More will be added soon and may add a feature for players to be able to buy/win the ability to make their own course.
  • Bartender at spawn, it is a gambling plugin, right click the villager and you can buy potions for the chance to win x2 of what you spent, or lose it all.
  • Launch pads at spawn for more ease of access
  • Ability to buy more commands at the buycraft page.
  • Ability to set your island resets back to 4 at the buycraft.
  • GUI feature when doing /warp or /warps.

  • All Crate keys have been adjusted so you can now get both more and better prizes in them, and the price for buying them has stayed exactly the same!
  • The Spawn has changed!
  • New PvP Zone
  • Mob Stacker plugin fixed
  • Nether schematic fixed, there are no spawners when you go there anymore.
  • Unlimited island resets has been changed to 4 total.
  • Fast typer words have been changed up
  • LootDrops now have a small chance to appear at spawn. This is for the players who don't have OP gear and can't go to LootDrops in PvP Zones

Coming Soon:
  • Daily Reward System. Be rewarded by playing consecutive days in a row!
  • Block hunt. Blocks will be hidden around the map and change weekly for you to be able to find them and get rewards for finding them all!
  • More islands for all players, and exclusive ones for rank(s).
  • More Parkour maps.
Congrats to @who cares On being the very 1st member of InvadedLands to earn the Dumbest Player award!

This 10 year old who pretended to be an adult appealing for their son was the most funny thing I have read in a very long time, and with that it earned them the Dumbest Player award! :D

To see the conversation you can read it here: Link to Conversation

Or if you're too lazy to read all that I even made it into a video

IMPORTANT: The server will likely be on and off for whitelisting as we continue to add/fix several things, if the server is ever whitelisted try again in a few hours!

List Of Updates:
  • Acidic Crate, a cool new crate key will access to new commands and features!
  • /Gb or /Gamebox. This is a new minigame type of plugin added where all players currenly have perms to every game, however after the official reset you will only have access to a few games, and more games can be acquired in ranks and/or in crates.
  • /PP or /PyrParticles, a new particles plugin with particles to float around you, trails, and gadgets. Again you have perms to all of them, and will be able to earn more in crates/buying ranks. (Trails/Particles automatically disable when you enter a PvP Zone.
  • Earn yourself Fly for a short time! You will be able to buy or win access to /tf /TempFly to temporarily be able to fly anywhere except PvP zones.
  • Parkour! There is a sign at spawn to take you to the "parkour lobby" which is just a sign off to the right end of spawn to start your Tutorial Parkour! After the full release there will be several new parkours for you to do and earn prizes and eventually we will make it so you can buy/earn your way to making your very own parkour course!
Coming Soon:
  • A new Map! Within the next few days the new map and PvP zone will be ready and added!
  • Adding a donator island. We will be adding 1-2 more islands exclusively for all donators.
  • Block hunt challenge! This needs to be custom made so it may take some time, but eventually we will be hiding blocks around spawn for you to find to earn prizes! The block locations will change each 1-2 weeks for you to constantly have something to do and find!
Just an alert that SkyBlock will be whitelisted starting Friday morning (Tomorrow). I will be resetting everything and pushing updates.
Then it should be back open Saturday for beta testing. Not everything new will be added by then but a lot will, and we will continue to add new updates through the week.
It is planned that the full release and reset of SkyBlock will happen May 4th/5th
So, so, so many of you have been asking when the reset is for SkyBlock, I've talked with skeppy and we have puts some plans together and have finally worked out an ETA.
We should be resetting Skyblock AROUND May 1st! Keep in mind however that, that is not the specific day, it may be the day of may 1st, could be the day after, could be a week after. That is just the general day we are shooting for right now, and we will give you all more specific info as the time comes.

What to Expect:
  • A new crate!
  • Several new plugins to keep things fun for those who don't want to PvP or hang out on their island all day.
  • Daily reward system
  • A ton more advertising, we want SkyBlock to have a ton of players to make it all the more fun, meaning we want to have more advertisement to bring more players for the server to really amp up the fun factor!
Been a lot of questions about the new helper rank, thought it best to prevent a lot of new posts asking questions to just simply make a Q&A post where you can ask all your questions in 1 place.



When will Helper apps be open?
I'm shooting for around the 20th April, give or take. Currently helpers will only be chosen via invite from an admin.

Will helper be easier to get than T-Mod?
Theoretically, yes, as there is less perms with the rank, less responsibility, less experience required, and less ability to abuse the rank it will likely be easier to achieve for most.

Will there only be 1 app now and if my app is good enough I will skip helper and can get T-Mod?
No, there will be 2 completely separate applications, Helper is in no way a mandatory rank that must be achieved ever, you may apply for Helper, or apply for T-Mod, it is up to you.

Can I get Helper even if I've applied for T-Mod?
Yes, we may offer a certain player who has applied for T-Mod the ability to become a helper if we feel they would be a good staff member, however feel at the same time they lack certain abilities to become a T-Mod.

Can I apply for both Helper and T-Mod at the same time?
No, you may only have 1 application open at a time. You may either try for T-Mod, or try for Helper. This is mainly due to prevent flooding of many apps for both T-Mod and Helper. And it will help us choose certain players for a specific role and not read 2 of their apps, one for helper and one for t-mod, and be forced to decide which to give them.

Is it possible to be promoted to T-Mod if I get helper first?
Yes, getting helper first can be a good stepping stone for those who feel are not quite ready to apply for T-Mod Yet. We may in the future even add a way for Helpers specifically to apply for T-Mod after being Helper for a certain amount of time.

What perms will they have, and what will they be able to do?
Please refer to the original post: https://invadedlands.net/threads/helper-rank-being-added.7253/

Will Helpers be able to spectate hackers and report them?
Currently no, /v has potential for abuse and since Helpers won't vetted as much as Mods they will not receive this perm. We may however implement a feature in the future for Helpers to be able to more easily spectate, record, and report hackers to other staff with no potential for abuse.