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  1. ElieAxelrad

    IGPs are gone

    Tell me about it
  2. ElieAxelrad

    IGPs are gone

    I only went offline for 1 week what in the Force happened
  3. ElieAxelrad

    System Tribute

    This is one of the very few nice things I've ever seen you doing but thanks for doing it
  4. ElieAxelrad

    Announcement Survival Release (IMPORTANT DATES, NOTICES, ETC)

    You're the one late here. Also imagine necroposting
  5. ElieAxelrad

    Survival Guide

    Vxzn is right though, it would be a good idea to separate /sell all and /sell hand in the guide
  6. ElieAxelrad

    so i found a false block glitch

    Make a bug report, don't show it to everyone cause that's leaking glitches and is punishable
  7. ElieAxelrad

    Survival Guide

    My man gonna get pinned again. Anyways gg and ty for making this guide
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    Depends on what you like.
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    GG! Now don't cheat again :)