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So in all this time you weren't able to fix pearl glitching, being stuck in blocks, and get a better anticheat?
Crazy reset servers gonna die within 1 week of release.
The anticheat is fine.. also staff do their job so and pearl glitching will always be a thing, since they use paper. (Just a server type)


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Hello everyone,
KitPVP will be fully resetting on Friday, July 7th @ 3 PM EST.

In order to properly move over new content & changes, the server will be whitelisted starting Thursday, July 6th @ 3 PM EST. This will allow us time to verify all items are fully functioning before launching the server. Along with the usual reset items we will be bringing you new maps, new/updated events and finally, updates to duels..

(Click here for a countdown until reset)

What will be reset?
• Player Inventories
• Player Warps
• Ender Chests
• Player Vaults
• Auction House
• Statistics
• Balance
• Reclaims
• Prestige
• Achievements

All of the above will be reset on the date specified.

New & Updated Maps
View attachment 28569

With the start of the Summer season we will be bringing a new Beach themed map to KitPvP. Additionally, we are introducing two new Duel maps and a new sumo duel map!

View attachment 28571
View attachment 28572
View attachment 28573

Updates to Duels
New duel kits are being introduced this season as well!
• Gapple duel kit
• Boxing kit (first to 75 hits)

New & Updated Events
We are happy to announce the official launch of our two newest Events, Turf Wars & Sky Wars. We look forward to seeing you host these in the future. There is a chance to win the hosting perms to these two events in our newest Summer crate here.

View attachment 28574
View attachment 28575
As mentioned above we will also be bringing small quality of life updates to certain events, listed below:

• Waterdrop will now have shuffle rounds
• TNT Tag now has an additional speed buff
• Race of Death will now have checkpoints

We hope you enjoy these updates and changes and as always thank you for reading. We look forward to sharing even more updates with you all in the future, GLHF!

Management Team

thanks for the info
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