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I have to admit, after watching Skeppy's video and rewatching Sunny's, I am a little confused. I feel like Skeppy's video is being all over the place, his editing is kinda weird, he adds things during the video which I don't understand as to why they are here, but anyways the point is there : SunnyV2 is clearly becoming the one thing he despised in his previous video, a canceler. Even if I've never really been a big fan of Skeppy, I have to admit this time he did a good job, even if some of the things he's saying in his vid don't make sense to me. Sunny, on the other side, is used to making "downfall" videos on people making content or just popular people (videos sometimes dumb because the person(s) didn't have a downfall) but this time like why tf is he doing a "downfall" video on Skeppy? Like Skeppy has more than 6million subs, a fanbase that loves him and stans him, he actually makes good videos (even if it hurts to say it because I've been a fan of him) and it's thanks to him that I joined invadedlands (like many other people I think). Skeppy didn't have any downfall (his server did yes but that's not a point sunny pointed out so ig it's not that important) and all the points sunny makes come from very old things or drama (2020 or before, things that got fixed afterwards) so I don't understand Sunny on that point. I do not have any opinion on that, I do not prefer Skeppy or Sunny but anyways, this is just another drama in the history of youtube. People like Sunny are ready to do anything for views, and even if Skeppy did "fake" some of his videos (like sunny said in his video), we can not deny the fact that Skeppy's videos are still entertaining and fun to watch.