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Announcement Moving Forward

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I completely agree that more features would have been better for everyone but at this current time it’s impossible to add any. The current devs are solely working on the recode at the moment so they can then focus on other things like new updates to the gamemodes etc. For now all we can do in terms of updates are little things that don’t require coding. It sucks but at the end of the day would you rather a reset with little new content or nothing at all? Also there were some updates added in the previous kitpvp update 3 weeks ago so that hopefully will still make it feel a little fresh to people.

Yes, but I want to ask, is it possible to re-add features that used to be on the auction house but were removed for some reason such as filtering items? Or choosing a price range? Because the auction house to me is not really viable since I have to scroll through many overpriced useless items. The features were all there when the auction house was added but were later removed in an update with no explanation as to why it was removed.


Hello everyone,

I'm sure its no secret that the last couple of weeks have been bumpy, but hopefully this post will clear up some questions and concerns. Since Affixes removal, I have been appointed the Community Manager position. With this I have been working with the management and development teams to discuss the future of the server, I want to assure everyone that there is a lot going on behind the scenes to move us forward in the right direction.

For now I have some of the smaller changes we will be making:

KitPVP Reset and Updates

This is probably the most requested thing as of recent. With the coming update we will be adding a brand NEW kitpvp Map (Images below). Alongside this there will also be a Spooky crate, and some new tags. And finally this will all be added along with a full reset of kitpvp, which will be taking place on Monday 25th October.

In the mean time here are some screenshots to showcase the new map!
View attachment 24877

View attachment 24878

Changing Media Rank Requirements

Media requirements for video creators:
  • 1000 Subscribers
  • 2500 Average video views
  • Needs to have uploaded a video on InvadedLands within 4 weeks of applying for the position
Media requirements for live streamers (Twitch & Youtube)
  • 75 Average viewers
All current rank holders will have 3 months to meet the new requirements.

Suggestions Are Now Open
We will be opening back up suggestions, if you have anything you would like to suggest you can do so here: https://invadedlands.net/forums/suggestion.49/

Staff Application Changes
We have decided that for now we are going to leave staff applications open and will be accepting trainees regularly. You must wait 1 month between each application.

I want to thank everyone for the continued support. As mentioned above we have a lot more in the works and I cannot wait to share it with everyone when the time comes.
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